Beauty of a Podenco

Jul 26

Beauty of a Podenco

The Podenco Canario – some say it is a descendant from an ancient type brought to the Canary islands and presumed to be one of the oldest breeds in the world.

No matter where this magnificent breed has it’s origin, and no matter how old the history of this beautiful dog is – I say it is one of the worlds most beautiful dogs and today we have new pictures in a series I call “beauty of a Podenco”.

These pictures were all taken during a walk in the Liljanskogen forest in Stockholm (Sweden).

When I think of a Podenco, I think beauty, grace and majestic among many things. Loyal, passionate and humble are other words that describes the amazing personalities of this dog.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we did taking them  :-)

Podenco Canario Forest Picture
















Another one, in her trademark pose, watching the fields of green:

















And the third one, she just heard sounds in the bushes nearby.. Something is moving:

On the watch - Podenco Canario
















If you fancy checking out the album on Facebook, then click this link right here:
Beauty of a Podenco 

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Best wishes for 2013 from us!

Jan 01

Best wishes for 2013 from us!

We here at Podenco Canario just wanted to wish all of our friends across the world the best for the new year!
May the new year be a great one and we hope all of you will stay in touch and make 2013 as good and fun as 2012 was!

Who knows, maybe 2013 will be the year when Mami gets a new Podenco friend to hang out with :-)

We´ll see if we can find her a playmate.. Now enjoy each day to the fullest my friends!

Happy New Year 2013!

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Podenco Winter Adventure Begins

Nov 29

After a very wet and windy fall, winter finally comes to Sweden – and last night the snow rolled in over Stockholm.

It is all very pretty and magical, but this is a short haired spanish dog, and she is just not equipped to handle the cold weather.
Thats why we last year got her the winter coat!

Thought she would feel awkward in it, but she probably remembers it from last winter and she jumps in and out of it with ease..
It is truly wonderful to see how she does not let snow and minus degrees stop her from having fun!

It is going to be an adventure to go through yet another cold period, but this Podenco is strong hearted and VERY positive towards all things in life.. So its gonna be all good!

Check out this picture from the first day of winter: Podenco Snow Picture!

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Chillout time for this spanish dog

Oct 02

Chillout time for this spanish dog

She loves the couch.. There´s no where else she rather be than relaxing and sleeping on it.
This photo album came about as we were kicking it out inside since it was raining so much outside, and she went through relaxing, to sleeping to looking out the window. And as she went into maximum chillout mode, I decided to snap a few photos and add it to our flickr account. Make sure you check out this Podenco Canario enjoying tranquility to it´s max right here: Maximum chillout time! 

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Brushing your dogs teeth

Sep 11

Brushing your dogs teeth

It is very important to check your dog´s teeth and make sure the gumline and the teeth look firm, fresh and healthy.

Dogs with teeth problems is quite common, but a lot of the time it could have been prevented by helping out through brushing their teeth. Me and Mami now do this on a daily basis. You should never use regular toothpaste though. That can be lethal for a dog. Make sure you buy one a toothpaste developed for pets (they usually can be used for both dogs and cats if you own both).

We use a beef flavoured type and I use one of the top of the line brushes and simply move it in a circular way pointed to her gumline, making sure I clean out that part and then I focus on the outer and inner side of the actual tooth I am cleaning.

Mami is such a nice girl, so she always sits quiet and never moves. As a special treat, she gets a purina pro dental bar afterwards as a reward for being so calm.

Here´s a picture of this Podenco getting some home “treatment”:

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Pet food for my Podenco

Sep 08

I do get quite a lot of questions in regards to Pet care and food. So todays focus is on what I give to my Podenco Canario.

Now nutrition for pets is just like human beings, highly individual and should not be copied. :-)
I found she is feeling well and maintaining a healthy status by using Hills scientifically developed food. We exclusively used dry food from day one based on the research that seems to favour that. Also, her stomach never really adapted to the wet type.

I also feel that not only is dry better in terms of nutritional values, but also from a teeth perspective as it does require a bit better resistance and thus giving her teeth a good workout.

We use two types of products. One is the HILLS science plan light version here: Hills dog food.

The other one comes from the IAMS brand. There is a difference in terms of ingredients they use and the amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates and fat ofcourse. But both are good and I just tend to rotate these two to get my dog some variation. The IAMS product is called “proactive health adult dog medium breed” and can be found here: Iams medium breed.

I also give her a daily “purina pro plan dental stick”. and what she always gets it after we are done brushing her teeth. As a dental bonus (which she loves). Other than this, she gets the usual treat every now and then, which comes in the form of different types of dried (hard) meat which are great for her to chew on.

But this Podenco Canario basically eats everything, so it is essential for me to watch her diet and make sure she gets the best food and in correct portions. I suggest you do the same. If you see that your dog puts on weight or doesnt feel well due to the food, change it up and make sure it gets good products with the best ingredients.

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Playing with a tennisball is so much fun!

Aug 12

She´s a Podenco that absolutely love chasing a tennisball.. Her favourite is to go and fetch it after I throw it, then bring it back and drop it really close to me so it starts bouncing around and then she plays with it in a really cute and fun way.

Check out the youtube video where this playful dog is having fun with this yellow ball!

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